Our experience will help our clients to gain the benefits and help them to increase the revenue exponentially. Get the actionable insights from the data and grow your business drastically.


We as you analytics team

With a network of award-winning data experts on our team,our specialty is building world-class Tableau dashboards that cause action. We have expertise on Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. With 15+ years of Industry experience we believe in helping our clients and help them to grow the business exponentially.

Dashboard Creation Process

Strategic Planning

Data Engineering

Data Visualization

Data Distribution

Helping People Turn Raw Data Into Valuable Insights.


Insights-Ready Dashboard Creation

We call our dashboards insights ready because they enable end users to make informed decisions. Our worst nightmare is somebody looking at a dashboard and asking, “So what?” To create decision-ready dashboards, we follow a strategic framework with every project that includes discovery, data preparation, dashboard development, distribution, and documentation.


Data Engineering

Are you having trouble wrangling your data into a format that allows you to analyze it? Cognitive-Analytics Data has experts in tools such as SQL, Alteryx, and Tableau Prep who can help you build trust and governance within your data infrastructure.


Industry-Savvy Consultants

With representation in diverse educational and professional backgrounds, it’s likely one of our partner consultants speaks your industry language and understands your unique organizational needs. If you simply don’t know where to start, or where to go next, we can lend our industry experience and vision for pushing the “data envelope” to provide your analytics practice a huge leap forward.

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We Target Explanatory and Actionable Analytics

  • Explanatory
  • Actionable
  • Predictive

At Cognitive Analytics, we always talk in terms of ‘Explanatory’, ‘Actionable’, and ‘Predictive’ analytics. We’ve observed that roughly 80% of companies are stuck in a spreadsheet mentality, not taking advantage of the benefits of data visualization and leaving a lot of return on the table. At a minimum, we will always move our analytics partners to explanatory analytics –helping explain what is happening in their business to data and non-data people alike. Ideally, we target actionable and predictive analytics, helping diagnose why somethinghappened in a business, prescribing recommendations, and predicting future outcomes.