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Data Science Consulting Agency

Cognitive Analytics is an analytics consulting agency with a network of award-winning data experts who are personally available to help you get the most out of your data. Our specialties include Tableau, data engineering, data science, and data analytics.


Our History

Cognitive Analytics was founded highly skilled professional with more than 15+ years of experience worked for companies like Deloitte, Accenture, Capgemini and Tech Mahindra.


Our Mission

At Cognitive Analytics, our mission is to be the best resource for turning raw data intovaluable insights. We believe the key to extracting value from data is visualization. We have highly expert Data Scientists as well who will help business to get more insights from the data.


Company Overview

With 15+ years of Industry experience we believe in helping our clients and help them to grow the business exponentially. We have expertise on Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Team

Rahul Tiwari

Rahul Tiwari

Director Analytics, Nagpur

Rahul Tiwari

Director Analytics, Nagpur

Rahul is Founder and Director of Cognitive Analytics. Rahul gives consulting to organizations & individuals. Since 15 years he has been helping organizations and professionals in various domains like retail, telecom, life sciences, finance etc. He has expertise on Business Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

Aatul Palandurkar

Aatul Palandurkar

Senior Consultant

Aatul Palandurkar

Senior Consultant

Aatul is a Senior Consultant at Cognitive Analytics. Aatul is NetBeans Dream Team member. He is a corporate trainer and a consultant for Java, Android, Digital Marketing, HTML5, J2EE, J2ME, Struts, Spring, Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), SEO and HTML5 Games. He has worked on various projects and delivered many Training Sessions, Workshops, Seminars and Webinars on various technologies and has conducted many batches for the above technologies. Trained more than 50000 candidates till the date and still counting.



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The Way You Think About Data Science.

At Cognitive Analytics, we always talk in terms of ‘Explanatory’, ‘Actionable’, and ‘Predictive’ analytics. We’ve observed that roughly 80% of companies are stuck in a spreadsheet mentality, not taking advantage of the benefits of data visualization and leaving alot of return on the table. At a minimum, we will always move our analytics partners to explanatory analytics – helping explain what is happening in their business to data and non-data people alike. Ideally, we target actionable and predictive analytics, helping diagnose why something happened in a business, prescribing recommendations, and predicting future outcomes.

Our Working Process

Helping People Turn Raw Data Into Valuable Insights.

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  • Deployment
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